E-Commerce and Content Management

The Village Yarn and Fiber Shop

The Village Yarn and Fiber Shop

Retail businesses need a rich website to give potential customers a lasting impression. People are often on-the-go, but it's hard to not be drawn into the bright colors and cozy up with the news and stories found at the Village Yarn and Fiber Shop.

This retail site was created on the powerful Orchard CMS platform, allowing the shop managers full control of all content throughout the site.

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Dizzy Sheep

Dizzy Sheep E-Commerce Platform

In response to the growing need to capture market attention, the Dizzy Sheep Platform combines a deal-a-day concept with the adventures of a fun cast of lovable characters. The platform allows the scheduling of deals and stories in advanced the create exciting events, and the host "Dizzy" has taken full advantage.

Dizzy Sheep has created a loyal following of discount savvy individuals who showed up for the deals and stayed for the entertainment.

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Document Security and Data Exchange

Secure Email and Secure Data Storage

Data security used to be a simple matter involving strong locks and a good paper shredder. Today, with more and more aspects of daily life moving online coupled with the increases in online hacking and identity theft, it's never been more important to protect both your business and personal data.

The ActiveLabs team has an excellent understanding of the concepts around securely sending and storing data, how to mitigate risk and has created several different data security solutions. Our latest consumer available project is secure-transfer.com, which offers a simplified, intuitive and powerful web service for sending documents securely.

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PDF Document Management

As many companies work to become paperless, existing printed documentation has to be digitized, indexed and imported into document archive systems. Existing solutions require multiple manual steps, forcing users to manipulate PDF files by hand and separately archive them.

To streamline this process, ActiveLabs created a simplified drag-and-drop approach to managing stacks of scanned documents and automatically submitting the results for archival. A comprehensive plug-in architecture permits additional file types as well as customized stacking and archival to any web-enabled document repository.

Workflow and Process Management

Cerberyx Platform

For over 12 years, our team has focused on building a comprehensive suite of web-based tools that provide a central platform for process management, data entry, quality control and auditing. The Cerberyx platform connects all parties and systems involved in a transaction and serves as a reliable information repository and system of record.

Initially created for use in the complex and constantly evolving mortgage industry, this flexible platform can be customized to address business process management needs across a variety of industries.

MERS Data Reconciliation

Increasing government regulation and industry oversight has forced financial institutions to address data integrity and quality control issues or face severe penalties for non-compliance.

Our team has created a powerful platform for data comparison and reconciliation that can help servicers quickly resolve errors and discrepancies between their internal servicing systems and MERS Online. Flexible data exchange, automatic discrepancy resolution and comprehensive reports enable servicers to identify sources of error and automatically push changes to MERS.

Supplier Management Portal

The Supplier Capability Management system links commodity specialists, buyers, suppliers and management by providing a central research and decision management tool for supplier sourcing.