Innovative Web, Mobile and Database Software Solutions

Our mission is to create valuable, resalable software products through strategic partnerships.

What ActiveLabs Development offers:

Well Designed

Our core belief is that a software solution should actually solve the problem while providing efficiency, ease of use, flexibility and maintainability.

We help make your good ideas even better by contributing valuable technical insight and experience on every project.

Award Winning

Our technology and business
process management solutions have won industry recognition and key awards for our customers year after year.

ActiveLabs continues to invest in emerging technologies, building effective solutions that create competitive advantages.

Creative Thinking

It's our philosophy that understanding "why" leads to new solutions; just knowing “how” simply creates more of the same.

We provide frequent iterative deliveries, enabling our customers to stay engaged, provide feedback and continuously measure progress and project quality.

Software Design and Development

Our team is highly skilled in all major development tools, technologies and frameworks, including .NET, Windows Server, SQL Server and Windows Azure.

We have significant experience in developing

  • Enterprise Internet and Intranet Applications
  • Web Applications and E-Commerce Engines
  • Mobile Apps and Compatible Web Sites
  • Cloud and Big Data Analysis Platforms
  • Secure Data Transfer and Storage Systems

Software Testing and Quality Assurance

We provide end-to-end quality assurance of the development lifecycle, including test planning, test case identification, test automation and manual testing.

Together with our clients, we identify and adopt a suitable test framework, including how bugs are tracked and what metrics are used to analyze QA outcomes. We perform both functional and non-functional testing.

Software Maintenance

We understand that requirements evolve and provide corrective, preventive and perfective maintenance of existing software solutions.

With many years of experience maintaining enterprise scale applications with multiple versions in use, we have the right skills and tools in place to provide effective maintenance services.